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Bentonite TGM160 Grinding mills in India


This customer belongs to a very famous company in India. They totally have bought more than 20 sets of TGM160 grinding mills from our company since the year of 2010. The picture shows one of their production lines. They are using our grinding mills to process bentonite with the output size of 300 meshes. And the capacity of each set is 10 t/h.

This customer is very friendly and he has made a great contribution to exploring Indian market. If possible, I sincerely welcome you come to visit this working site.

The configuration of 10tph TGM160 Grinding Plant for bentonite in India

Place of use: India                             Equipment: more than 20 sets of TGM160 Grinding Plant
Processed material: bentonite           Output size: 300 mesh
Capacity: 10 t/h